Bofa beach

Bofa beach Kilifi is strategically located just barely 3 minutes from the town centre and located in a plush and serene neighborhood of Kilifi. The road leading to the beach is quiet with plenty of different species of beautiful trees; you can hear different species of birds singing beautiful melodies as you marvel at the enchanting beach ecosystem.

On sight, it is a wide slash of white sand, with swaying palms and rolling Indian Ocean surf. One would describe it as a place with strips of immaculate green palm trees doing their charismatic dance, coral reefs standing majestically at the beach front, and jewel blue cloudless skies. 

Key Features

  •  Crystal clear white sandy beaches  
  • Private - no beach shacks, beach boys or crowds!
  • Strips of immaculate green palm trees
  • Peaceful beach walks with no interruptions.
  • Beautiful coral reefs




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