Mnarani Ruins (Museum)

Mnarani Ruins in Kilifi is a favorite attraction site for its thick baobab trees, two remnants of mosques and a number of tombs.More alluring about the place is that hundreds of people/ believers around the world travel to the site to pray and offer sacrifices to God since the tombs, mosque and baobab trees are believed to be holy.

Some of the massive baobab trees here are said to be about 800 years old. The site was first occupied in the early 14th century, but the first place of worship, the Great Mosque, was not built until around AD1425. Reconstruction of the mosque was done in the 15th century after the collapse of the earlier building.

Interestingly, the inscriptions on the tombs and the mosques here are written in Persian language, suggesting that the early settlers in Mnarani were Persians from Oman.

Mnarani ruins is located in Kilifi District, Coast province. It overlooks Kilifi creek from the southern side, some 200 meters from the Mombasa – Malindi road. The ruins consisting of two Mosques and a group of tombs. It falls within Grid Reference 936 970 on Map Sheet 198/2.

Key Features


  • 800 years baobab trees
  • Ruins of first mosque
  • Dried up 75-foot deep well
  • Remnants of coral reefs and logs
  • Rich history of the Wagalla raid
  • Mystery of the inscriptions on mosque and tomb


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