Government Sh.4.2 Billion Bet to Spur Global Tourism

In 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta launched a Shs.4.2 billion state-funded road project linking Malindi Town and the Tsavo East National Park. Today, it is 70 percent complete.

The expectation is that the roads will ease connectivity and attract international tourists to the Kenyan Coast. Before the kick off of the project, the roads were in poor conditions causing tourists to take up to four hours to travel from Malindi to the park for game drives.

Hoteliers are now optimistic that the improved road conditions will boost tourism in the area because once completed, it will take less than two hours for wildlife enthusiasts to travel from Malindi to Tsavo East National Park.

Tourist Cabinet Secretary, Najib Balala assures all tourists, hotel owners, and all players in the industry that the government is investing significantly in infrastructure to better traffic movement and improve connectivity in Kenya.


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