First Blue Economy Project sets plans for Mida Creek

Mida Creek in Kilifi County will benefit from the first ever sustainable blue economy project which focuses on promoting conservation and addressing climate change effects.

The long-term project, funded from a United Kingdom organization, is in partnership with the National Museums of Kenya, the Larger Mida Creek Community, and a team of foreign filmmakers. Key projects will revolve around: eco-tourism, cultural tourism, and fishing.

The locals starting with the Bidii Na Kazi Women group will expect to receive their first allocation of sh.2million to start their Rising from the depth project. They plan to set up a restaurant, purchase a boat for an excursion, and initiate butterfly and fish farming.

Ciza Bita, Malindi Museum curator, and Kenya’s underwater archeologist says that through the project, they intend to put up an underwater museum within the creek. According to Ciza, the research they did in 2015, revealed that there are dhows and shipwreck underwater that date back to 1000 years ago which make up for a critical part of Kilifi’s cultural heritage.

Ciza also indicates that the project will establish homestay tourism whereby tourists come to the village to stay and learn about the local’s rich cultural heritage. “In one-year Mida creek will not be the same, many investors want to come and initiate projects, but they need to see the rich cultural heritage,’’ he said.

Mida Creek is a renowned International bird watching site. It is home to unique birds’ species rarely found in the world.

It also has unique islands, Such as Sudi Island, Kirepwe Island, and the Garden of Eden making it a perfect destination for honeymooners among others.

There are also unique historical sites including Shaka caves which used to house slaves who were on transit overseas, and many other tourist attraction sites.


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