Ban on Plastic – A win for the ocean

The Kenyan Government took a hard stance against the use of plastic bags in a bid to eliminate environmental pollution. This is an amazing step in the protection of our oceans. Even then, it is also critical that tourists coming into the country understand how the legislation affects them.

The ban entails, the selling, purchase, or possession of all plastic bags. The move came after notice of excessive amount of litter in the country. Persons in violation of the new law face up to four years imprisonment or fine of up to Shs.4, 038, 500 ($ 40,000). From the implementation of the ban in 2017 over 500 people have been arrested.

Today, Kenya is seeing a tremendous improvement in plastic pollution with rural areas experiencing the greatest change. The waterways are cleaner with animals and fish consuming fewer plastic bits and the environment is taking up a cleaner look by the day.

All foreign tourists are reminded to make use of alternatives when packing their bags for a trip to the beautiful Kilifi County and Kenya as a whole.


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